Wallpapering Tips

Choosing to wallpaper your walls as a style choice does require more effort than painting your walls, but it does not need to be an impossible task.

These tips will hopefully help you make sure your wallpapering task goes as smoothly as possible.

Order all the paper at the same time

Wallpaper is made in different runs, and sometimes each run of wallpaper has varying colourings and the pattern wont always match.

That is why it is a good idea to order all the wallpaper you think you will need (and a little bit extra) to make sure that it all matches perfectly.

Using lining paper

If you are new to wallpapering, it may be best to use lining paper as this will give you some practice of the process of hanging wallpaper before actually doing it for real.

Surfaces can benefit from using lining paper, such as older surfaces or ones with imperfections.

How to select wallpaper

How to Wallpaper B&Q series

Hopefully these tips helped you wallpaper your room(s) successfully!

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